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Backup & Disaster Recovery

Guiding you through the creation of a disaster recovery plan, and implementing all phases to provide you with a robust backup and recovery system

Backup & Disaster Recovery

No business should be without a disaster recovery plan. In today’s digital world, cyber threats are prevalent and data breaches are common. With the right protection and regular monitoring, though, you can keep your company safe. Codex offers outsourced backup and disaster recovery services to businesses of all sizes.

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Our Backup Recovery And Disaster Solutions

As part of our range of managed IT services, we offer regular data backup, storage, and reporting. We’re thorough in our backup processes so that your business is prepared in the event of a disaster. We offer full backup solutions, a comprehensive disaster recovery plan, and cloud backups as part of our services.

With our data backup solutions, we provide data archiving and secure data storage. We work with products that use certified data centres and have options for encryption, should you prefer an extra layer of security.

Our recovery plans are designed to restore your access to your data quickly and easily. With either bare metal disaster recovery on a bootable USB drive, virtual disaster recovery with a virtual machine, or another of our recovery options, your business will be back up and running in no time.

We provide cloud, hybrid, and onsite backups. Cloud backups are usually more secure, due to multiple authentication layers. Whichever you choose is fully managed by our IT professionals, and designed to protect your company’s data in a secure environment.

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