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IT System Monitoring

System monitoring has become an integral part of any IT services package. Monitoring reports can show the overall health of a system, identifying potential issues or areas for improvement. It’s no wonder, then, that SME’s and large corporations across London are investing in IT system monitoring services.

We provide IT monitoring in our suite of IT support services . Whether you choose to work with us as a managed IT partner or utilize our outsourcing services, we can offer comprehensive system monitoring. This service is the result of our proactive monitoring approach to IT support – actively working to prevent problems before they arise. IT system monitoring keeps systems running smoothly, while avoiding potential disaster.

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What Is IT System Monitoring?

IT system monitoring, or just IT monitoring, is the process of gathering and analysing data related to your IT environment’s hardware or software. We look at the performance metrics and operations of your physical devices, like servers. We also examine how software is performing on your devices, in addition to application performance monitoring. We use the data we gather to produce reports on how well your IT infrastructure and networks are running. We also use the metrics we gather to spot potential issues and suggest areas for improvement.

IT monitoring can be broken down into several tasks, but what’s included in a system monitoring package will depend on the company you work with. At Codex, we use a combination of real-time and trends monitoring. Real-time monitoring collects data from your system on an ongoing basis, allowing us to identify any anomalies on the spot and react quickly. Trends monitoring, on the other hand, looks for patterns in historical data, allowing us to predict system uptimes and plan ahead.

At the foundational level, system monitoring analyses infrastructure as well. This includes your hardware and low-level software. By examining your servers and your network, we can establish a suitable benchmark for your systems. Having a benchmark helps us reduce downtime and detect outages. In addition, we may conduct application performance monitoring to gather metrics on software applications. By engaging our IT system monitoring services, we’ll run checks on your entire system to spot problems and prevent downtimes.

As we mentioned, IT system monitoring allows us to spot potential vulnerabilities before they threaten your whole system. When something goes wrong with your system, it results in downtime for your business. It halts productivity and costs you money. As a business owner, you can’t afford downtime.

With our trends monitoring, we can look at your performance history and identify problem areas. We’ll suggest improvements, in consultation with you, to optimise your system’s performance. With real-time monitoring, we can spot issues immediately, and devise quick solutions before the problem gets worse. IT system monitoring also allows us to secure your system and protect it against potential cyber security threats.

With our expert support staff, we can handle server monitoring and employ backup tools to keep your system secure. We’ll examine metrics from your server performance, which will allow us to see if your server is at risk of overheating. We’ll also use our monitoring tools to do regular backups of your data, while sending you detailed backup reports.

With proactive monitoring, you have top-notch protection against disaster. Should, however, you face a disaster situation, our backup services will recover everything you lost and we’ll help get your system up and running again as quickly as possible.

IT system monitoring services from Codex can help your business run more smoothly, while boosting productivity.

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