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Offering all sizes of businesses customizable and scalable network support solutions that suit their needs

Network Support Services

Today’s businesses can’t run without a secure, well-functioning network. Lacking the proper infrastructure, services, and products will hamper your growth as a company. Codex provide scalable, bespoke network support services to businesses of all sizes, as part of our managed IT services.

The Benefits Of Managed Network Support

Managing your network in-house can pose significant challenges. There are several benefits to counter these when you outsource your internal IT issues to professional services.

By hiring professionals for only the network support services you need, rather than employing a full-time team, you’ll save on expenses. You can devote your savings to other areas like hardware improvements.

Our dedicated network support managers will ensure your needs are met. Our bespoke support services allow you to tailor your plan for your business requirements, with certified professionals managing your network.

Several risks are reduced with managed network support. You risk less down-time, boosting productivity. You risk fewer breaches with a secure network. There’s also less chance for loss of service to your business, as things are less likely to malfunction with our constant monitoring.

Our experts are available at any time to assist you. Depending on your situation, we can even dispatch one of our professionals to your site to address the problem in person. We pride ourselves on our quick response times.

With managed network support services, you can trust your network is secure and that we will keep it that way. With the confidence that your network won’t be breached, you can focus on other aspects of running your businesses.

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What’s Included In Our Network Support Services?

With a wide range of cyber threats existing today, security is vital to your organisation’s functioning. We provide secure network support solutions, keeping cyber attacks at bay, and monitoring consistently to identify new threats.

A network infrastructure designed specifically for your business, tailored to your products and your customer demands, are integral to your company’s success. We will, therefore, work with you to build the perfect infrastructure for your needs.

Our experts provide constant monitoring of your network and support right when it’s needed.

As an outsourced managed IT service, our network support monitoring and management can be done off-site. We can identify and resolve problems without having to travel to your office.

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