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Citrix for Business

Support and consultation for Citrix products, whether integrating with them for the first time or if you require maintenance

Citrix for Business

Citrix is a virtualisation and cloud computing software company that offers various Software-as-a-Service (Saas) products to small and medium-sized businesses. Switching to digital workspaces and cloud-based services has helped many businesses stay flexible and responsive in today’s fast-paced digital world. Codex provide support and consultation for Citrix products, whether integrating with them for the first time or advising on ongoing maintenance.

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The Benefits Of Citrix For Business

Switching to Citrix can help streamline your operations and reduce costs. Citrix has many products and services available, and selecting the best ones for you can be difficult. Amazing Support can advise you on what works best for your business, helping you choose from among the various Citrix offerings. Their services relate to digital workspaces, networking, analytics, and cloud solutions.

Tailored Security A digital workspace allows you to cater access and permissions according to users, devices, networks, and locations. With the Citrix Web App Firewall, you can also protect your web apps from cyber attacks.

With a digital workspace or cloud-based network, maintenance and repair occur much more quickly. When problems arise, IT support can access your network straight away, from anywhere.

A virtual app and desktop solution from Citrix grants your employees the freedom to work from anywhere. You can run any operating system or web apps virtually and the Citrix Workspace app lets you virtually run applications on a Windows Server, even if the app isn’t compatible with Windows 10.

Citrix Analytics for Security uses AI and machine learning to predict user behaviours and project potential security threats. Citrix Analytics for Performance consolidates your user data into a single dashboard, making it easy to turn your analytics into action.

Citrix offers its products and services on a scalable subscription model. You pay as you go, only for the services you use. You can add or remove services at any time, to better fit your business needs.

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