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Cloud Computing Solutions

Amazing Support provide bespoke cloud computing services to business all over London.

Cloud Computing Solutions

Codex work with AWS, Azue and several other cloud solutions to provide bespoke cloud computing services to business all over London. Moving to the cloud can give your business a substantial boost, creating cost efficiency and greater staff productivity. The advantages of security and mobility are also far too great for London businesses to ignore cloud solutions.

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The Benefits of Cloud Computing Solutions

By reducing the size of your on-site infrastructure, you can save on costs. Hosting your services through the cloud guarantees that you pay only for what you need, and maintenance expenses stay low. In the same vein, you’re given the flexibility to choose the services that suit your business.

With so many applications and services available, you can easily tailor them to your business. Perhaps you have a small team and prefer to keep your servers and network on-site, but you frequently make international video and audio calls, requiring VoIP. Or maybe your team is large and distributed across the globe, so your network needs to be fully operational via cloud services.

Cloud computing is the use and storage of data and computer resources without direct management by the user. Cloud computing can be broken down into three different types. There’s virtual IT, which supplements a company’s internal IT network from remote servers; software that can remotely host applications; and network storage. Instead of housing data in on-site servers, organisations can store it in large data centres, to retrieve and manipulate it at any time. These data centres typically have more advanced technology than on-site servers would, so they’re able to manage and store large amounts of information.

Some examples of the biggest cloud computing applications are Microsoft Azure, Office 365, VMware vCloud, Google Apps, Rackspace. Different models offer different services, which your business may or may not require.

There are software-as-a-service, or SaaS solutions, like Gmail and other Google products. The software you use is part of a larger platform, so some vendors offer platform-as-a-service or Paas products like virtual servers or operating environments. Finally, you can choose infrastructure-as-a-service or IaaS cloud computing solution, which deals with physical servers and other networking components. DigitalOcean is an example of both PaaS and IaaS cloud computing.

Codex will consult with you to create bespoke cloud computing solutions for your business. We offer services in email hosting, cloud infrastructure set up and management, and cyber security protection. See our pages about cloud email and cloud management for more about our these specific cloud computing services.

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