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Mac OX for Business Services

Looking for expert consultation advice on how to run and manage your Mac OS or looking to switch? We can help you

Mac OX for Business Services

For a long time, Mac OS and Mac devices were reserved for creative professions. Thanks to advanced cloud computing and compatibility solutions today, however, Macs are suitable for businesses of any kind, just like PCs. Your business could benefit from running Mac OS and Codex can provide guidance and consultation on your switch.

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The Best Features Of Mac OS For Business

Apple has developed several features that are geared toward professional use. These tools are meant to boost productivity, spark creativity, and streamline collaboration. It’s also possible to build custom apps for your company, IT teams can deliver tailored content via Automated Device Enrollment, and your organization can create and manage Apple IDs for your employees. There are several other features that make Mac OS a smart choice for businesses.

Voice control, released with macOS Catalina, allows users to take complete control of their Macs with voice commands. The practical application of this feature for businesses is enhanced productivity, by streamlining repetitive tasks.

With Gatekeeper to check apps for security issues and the T2 Security Chip to support Activation Lock, Macs protect your data – even on lost or stolen devices.

The Siri Shortcuts feature allows you to build workflows triggered by a command via Siri. You can automate sending a status update to a co-worker when you have a new sales lead or launch a to-do list for yourself with one voice command.

Apple Business Manager makes it easier to manage and deploy all of your organization’s Apple devices. The Web-based portal can easily provide access to Apple services that your team needs in any environment while keeping your data secure.

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