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Managed IT Support

Codex is able to provide managed IT support to businesses in London that include IT System Monitoring, IT Infrastructure, Outsourced IT Support, IT Helpdesk, and Employee IT Education. With our careful onboarding and regular Account Management review meetings, we can devise customized, managed IT solutions for each client we work with.

Our managed IT solutions are driven by our commitment to proactive maintenance as well. We monitor your IT systems 24/7, scanning for potential problems. Amazing Support also values communication and transparency with all of our clients, providing regular updates on your systems and responding to your needs right away. From our base in London, we serve clients throughout the Greater London area as well as in Hertfordshire.

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What Is Managed IT Support?

Managed IT Support comprises regular monitoring, maintenance, repairs, and updates to a business’ IT infrastructure, workstations, or network. In the past, many companies would call an external IT support company on an ad-hoc basis, to resolve a single problem when it came up.

Managed IT service providers, on the other hand, provide daily support, monitoring, and Helpdesk services to your business on a subscription basis. And with Amazing Support, our managed IT solutions also include employee education on IT systems and cybersecurity. Our managed IT support professionals are highly skilled and qualified to address your most pressing IT support needs, as well as integrate the latest technology. Along with being IT experts, our staff members are also customer service experts.

Managed IT service providers take responsibility for the running of your systems. At Amazing Support, this includes onsite support for desktops, servers, and network equipment. We also provide regular maintenance, proactive monitoring, cyber security and anti-virus solutions, disaster recovery and backup services, full cloud IT platform support, and patch management for operating systems. Our engineers regularly schedule site visits with you to address problems or handle your change requests in person.

Through our advanced Service Desk Ticket Management System and our Service Level Agreement (SLA), we provide your business with the best IT solutions to fit you. Our level of service does not waver for smaller or bigger companies – we are dedicated to expert managed IT solutions for each of our clients.

Managed IT service providers can cover a wide range of IT support functions. Employing an in-house team to manage everything, from internal networks and systems monitoring to cyber security and cloud support, is expensive. With managed IT solutions, your business gets the benefit of IT expertise for a fraction of the cost. Managed IT service providers close the gap between an in-house IT team and external, ad-hoc IT technicians.

Not only will your business benefit from our expertise, but also from the predictability. Rather than incurring a huge expense when something goes wrong, you pay a consistent fee that will cover any issues that come up, based on our SLA. Managed IT solutions can also save you time. With our proactive monitoring, we’re able to spot and address problems early, reducing the time spent on their resolution.

Managed IT support is very similar to outsourcing. They differ in how contracts and SLA’s are concluded. Some IT companies that provide outsourcing may not sign a contract with you, resolving your problems on an ad-hoc basis instead. Managed IT service providers, however, will sign a contract with you, stating their level of service and expectations. Managed IT services can complement your existing IT team or serve your entire IT needs.

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